Here is a video clip we got from our security camera of one of our employees using our state of the art modern computer systems built by VTC.

Here is one after our employee wrapped a great Intel product, getting it ready to ship to our customer.

Here is one of our delivery truck, she's a beauty.

This is the bosses security camera monitor (its actually a video playing on the VCR, he tries to make it look like he is watching us (that guy does not work here)).

Our busy day of entering inventory

South East corner end of our 100,000,000,000,000 Sq Ft building

 North West corner of the building.

Parking Lot

Newest Addition: Super Word Typer Pro (-5000Mhz)

Front Desk Office

Forget Fixing!!! No money, or too lazy to fix

West end of the building

Another busy day

Things we do that piss us off

This weeks employee of the week prize.

One of the guys got a flat, we had to jack up the truck and we needed support for the jack, we used an 12X DVD Burner by accident.


Repair attempt on a Seagate

It blue screened me. :( and I lost my temper.

Versions of windows guaranteed never to work properly.