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The Monte's Reign Comes to An End

Thats right, the monte's saga has come to a most un-welcome and sudden end.  On March 26 2004 the car was stolen from David Pollock's work by some dumbass who was apparently too stupid to steal a good car, and then recovered the following day in some parking garage.  The thief stole the cheap ass walmart radio and the ps2 hard drive and then stole what we can only assume is another late 80's gm vehicle.  The asshole mangled the door lock and cracked the hell out of the steering column.  As of now, it is still a mystery how to start a car from the wrong side of the column.  The monte was then towed to a local garage.  This is where it was declared totaled and sits as of now.  So the end has come for an office legend.  It is believed that the steering wheel cover on the car that came from his friend, Dennis's totaled Honda accord is haunted and indirectly totals cars.  If anyone finds the thief, they are expected to beat them with a tire iron until they are raw and or bloody.  See actual photos of the monte's damage here.

Monte Carlo LS



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