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New Server Arrives, Old Server Rots

BASEMENT- Somewhere in CT, 3/20/2005

     Today begins the dawn of a glorious new era, an era in witch servers are no longer built form scrap with parts we scammed form work, or found on the side of the road or from the dump. But a new golden age in where we can finally buy new electronics from reputable manufacturers, who sell to the masses on websites for reasonable prices, with full legitimate warranties, and where the buyer can have some actual receipts. This is the day of the Dell PowerEdge SC420. A day we will never forget.

  • Pentium 4 2.8GHz HT
  • 1GB Dual Channel DDR2
  • 2x 160GB SATA RAID setup
  • Server 2003 Enterprise
  • Broadcom Gigabit NIC, with the whole house running on one 24port Linksys gigabit switch! and a Linksys Twin-Wan bussiness class router with SBC DSL (slow but reliable) and Charter cable broadband (fast but flakey)

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