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The Server Is Reborn!

New life was breathed back into our old tired Pentium III 500 Dual processor server last weekend, in the form of a used MSI Pentium 4 motherboard, and a used Pentium 4 processor running at 1.5GHz. "The change has been long anticipated, we've been experiencing problems with the old board ever since we commented on how well it had been last winter" said Ex-VTC president Lynol. Later that week, it started its never ending spree of crashes and freezing. However, due to budget constraints, we were unable to do anything about it, besides upgrading it from PII 350 Dual to PIII 500 Dual. it helped a little. But now the constant fears of total disaster while hosting pictures for eBay auctions are no more. As an added plus, the new motherboard takes DDR memory, witch will greatly increase its speed. The new board also has 1GB of RAM. In addition to the new motherboard, the server was also given a Sony 12x CD Burner. We also acquired a used HP Netserver, witch will use the two Pentium III 500 processors from the old server motherboard, and will be used as a backup server, replacing the IBM Pentium Pro 200 Dual. The new Pentium 4 motherboard and processor were acquired free of charge a few weeks ago, due to a "problem" with the motherboard. The BIOS was cleared, and the "problem" was solved. 

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